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“Art has always been part of my life!”

Many artists paint in solitude, Marie Neys believes that art is meant to be created as community. Through the ages visual art of each culture endures and is often revered. Studying in museums, art galleries, and internet galleries, Marie Neys loves to share the inspiration of what she uncovers, and often initiates discussions with other artist about what they are creating that will have permanence.
As a mentor Marie Neys has spent many years inspiring and being inspired by other artists as they strengthen their own artistic journey.

Self-taught for many years….  Marie challenged herself to study in acrylics, ink & rouge, pen & ink, pastels, watercolour, sculpture, pottery and calligraphy. She has spent time creating original art in both the Decorative and Fine Art fields. In 2006 Marie Neys earned the Canadian Standards of Excellence in Decorative Art. She is proud to be acknowledged as the only person in Canada, that year, to be awarded this title.

Her quest to improve lead her to Pro’s Art Atelier.  Founder and mentor Gene Prokop, along with Ann Waeland & Lorraine Ure provided the inspiration to search for the “Artist Within” leading to Marie’s exploration of Oil Paints, Representational-ism, Realism, and Alla Prima.



Her First Painting at Pro’s Art is still one of her favourites.  Power of Three DSCN2862 cropped

Power of 3
9 x 12 Oil on Canvas

This painting is titled the Power of 3 as a tribute to Marie’s friend, Cara Carson who encouraged Marie to take begin studies at Pro’s Art by purchasing a set of 6 classes for her and Marie as a Christmas present.  As well as a tribute to Gene Prokop who provided the environment which encourages growth as an artist.  The 3 of us made this painting happen!







Part of my love of Art is the exchange of ideas, thoughts, creative moments between artists.

I have taught over 3000 classes to 30,000 students.

I believe all art starts from the passion within oneself, but often artists are torn between letting those passions flow
and the practicalities of everyday life. Each artist is at a different stage in developing their art and artistic style.

I believe the Instructor’s role is to understand the student and gear the lessons to each individual.
Find what works and encourage it, so to speak.

Workshops have been postponed until 2016 ….