About Marie


MarieNeys bio pic smallArtist Statement/Biography

“Art has always been part of my life!”
Marie Neys has always challenged herself to study. Many of the art styles she has mastered include acrylics, ink & rouge, pen & ink, pastels, watercolour, sculpture, pottery and calligraphy.

She has spent time creating original art in both the Decorative and Fine Art fields.
In 2006 Marie Neys earned the Canadian Standards of Excellence in Decorative Art. She is proud to be acknowledged as the only person in Canada, that year, to be awarded this title.

Marie credits Gene Prokop & Ann Waeland at Pro’s Art Atelier, with
elevating her painting style to include both Representational and Alla Prima methods.  Her current medium Oil on Canvas, showcases bold, accurate color,  & immediacy with impasto palette knife & brush strokes.

Marie divides her time between the rolling hills, vast plains and big sky country of Southern Alberta and the
towering trees, cool breezes and unending ocean of West Coast British Columbia.

Both Inspire her!

When On Bowen Island, you will find Marie walking the Cape Sea Walk,  down on the Beaches of Tunstall Bay and meandering the many trails that are inland amongst the towering cedars, hemlock and Douglas fir.  Her Palette of  Pthalo Blue, Transparent Red Iron Oxide, Sap Green, etc meld to create the art rich in hue and texture.

Her Current West Coast Series includes “Towards Tunstall Bay, Up Adams Road, To Lot 1, Collingwood Lane, To the Beach and more”  This is an ongoing series, comprised of over 15 paintings.
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When you meet Marie you will realize there are 2 forces that drive her artistic side. The creation of
art and the business of selling art. You may find yourself getting caught up in that passion.
Many have said they learn something about themselves as either an artist or collector after meeting her.

Marie is thrilled that her work is showcased at Catching Stars Gallery, Bowen Island, BC and The Hearth – Arts on Bowen, Bowen Island, BC

Should you wish to contact her about art, instruction, or framing of your own art pieces, or for further information, please do so.

She appreciates your consideration of her art.