The Beach is my Home, British Columbia

The Beach is My Home, BC
18″H x 36″W
Original Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
$1080 SOLD

Fine Art Giclee Prints available on request.
18″ H x 36″W  $450 (Fine Art Print) Stretched onto Gallery Wrap Canvas

This beach is so calm and with the power of the ocean every changing.   People from all over the world come to visit the West Coast of British Columbia and the West Coast of Vancouver Island. This could be any beach along the coast line of BC, a memory of days past, perhaps!

West Coast Dreamin, Vancouver Island, BC

West Coast Dreamin, British Columbia
36″H x 48″W
Framed Original Oil on Canvas

Fine Art Giclee Prints available on request.
18″ H x 24″W  $275 (Fine Art Print) Stretched onto Gallery Wrap Canvas


I have a great friend and client who asked me to paint a “West Coast Seascape” as a birthday present for someone very dear to her.  This Painting seemed to flow from my fingertips as if her and my love of the ocean was meant to be portrayed!  It was a magic day of painting … very rare and treasured!

Tofino Dreams

Tofino Dreams

Original Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
12″ x 24″

$375  Sold.

12 x 24  Fine Art Giclee Prints Available on Request.  $250

We often spend Mothers Day in Tofino, walking the beach is so uplifting and revitalizing.  We all play like young children!  Great to feel free!  This painting was a study that I created to challenge myself and find the balance for a much larger commission.  Both were magical to paint!



Prairie Storm
Original Oil – Sold
12 H x 24 W inches
Framed Fine Art Giclee Print on Canvas   $350
12×24 Gallery Wrap Fine Art Giclee (unframed)  $250

When I drive home to Medicine Hat the rolling prairies are so vast… one can see the curvature of the earth and the storms rolling in!  this painting is dedicated to those wonderful storms that bring rain and life to the desert like conditions of the Southern Alberta Prairies…

Broken Islands 1


Brokenislands-1 Broken Islands, BC
24″x 36″
Oil on Canvas, Gallery Wrap


One of my favourite things to do, when travelling is to go out on the water.  I love seeing the land from that vantage point.  In this instance the boulders seemed to rush out to meet the sea.  The scale of the rocks was monumental as well.  To put it in perspective the trees are 30 feet tall.  I hope you enjoy this painting and the geological story it tells.

Morning Light Alders – Cape Roger Curtis Sea Walk

Morning Light Alders

Morning Light Alders
52″H x 37″W
Oil on Canvas

We often walk along the Cape Roger Curtis Sea Walk.  It is a 4 km stretch of land that has spectacular views of the open ocean.  I am often captured by the light that dances on the trees.  Alders are interesting trees, they grow very fast and have a life of 25 years.  When they are nearing the end they start to split.  One will see long vertical splits in the wood.  Water will get inside and then when a frost hits they will suddenly explode…no rhyme of reason as to where they will land.


Arbutus on Fairweather, Bowen Island, BC

Arbutus on Fairweather, by Marie Neys
Arbutus on Fairweather
30″x 20″
Oil on Canvas, Framed


When I began painting this Arbutus, one in a series that I am completing, I felt a rush…as if something amazing was happening, that I was not in control of.  As though the painting “flowed” and created itself.  I was going to also paint leaves on it…but have recently discovered that there is a virus attacking the arbutus and perhaps they will become extinct.  As such, I have decided to leave this piece leafless…. to express my concerns.  Arbutus are beautiful trees admired by many.

Towards Tunstall Bay, Bowen Island, British Columbia

Towards Tunstall Bay, Bowen Island, Original Oil by Marie NeysTowards Tunstall Bay, Bowen Island, BC
30″H x 20″W
Original Oil on Canvas, Framed
$950 SOLD

Fine Art Giclee Prints available on request.

When I am on Bowen Island, I often study this group of trees, they hug the coast line and capture the sunset light so very magically.  I have often heard the expression the Magic Hour, expressed by artists.  It is when the sun sets or rises…and the light shifts from flat and dull to filled with warm, rich yellows, oranges and even reds…. I could paint this tree 100 time and each time the light would be different… Enjoy!

This painting is being featured at ArtsPacific Gallery.

Adams Road, Bowen Island, BC

Adams Road, Bowen Island, BC Original Oil by Marie NeysAdams Road, Bowen Island, BC, Canada
16″H x 12″W
Original Oil on Canvas, Framed
$250 SOLD

Fine Art Giclee Prints Available on Request
Bowen is a great place, when one lives on the prairies as long as I have, it seems unusual to have only a few select roads with towering, amazing trees.  On a West Coast Island… people need to plan roads around the mountains, and the moist weather makes everything thrive! The trees capture my creativity and I enjoy expressing it!



Poetry, Cliff Lede Vineyards, Napa Valley

Poetry, Cliff Lede Vineyards, Napa Valley Print on Canvas by Marie Neys

Poetry, Cliff Lede Vineyards

The Original hangs at Cliff Lede Vineyards, Napa Valley, USA

I am happy to provide a Giclee Fine Art Print on Canvas as priced below.

All Giclee are produced in Limited Editions of 100 – unstretched.
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Other Giclee sizes will be need to be quoted.

Down the Valley

Down the Valley, Original Oil Painting by Marie NeysDown the Valley
12 inches high x 24 inches wide
Framed Original Oil on Canvas

Fine Art Giclee Prints Available by Request

Driving from Nanton, Alberta, to  Highway 22 is an enriching experience, the play of light, the shadows and rich colors are captivating.  This painting is from one such drive.

Over The Hill -after VanGough

Over the Hill, Oil Painting by Marie Neys

Over the Hill – after Van Gough
20Hx30W inches
Framed Original Oil on Canvas

I paint Alla Prima- in one sitting. The painting seems to flow from me onto the canvas. After creating this piece I felt very light and joyful …my painting was also light, joyful and full of movement. I encourage you to drive the Cowboy Trail (Hwy 22-Southern Alberta) and you will fully understand the joy of cresting the Hills! Archival Fine Art Giclee Prints. (Limited Edition) are also available


Long Beach

Long Beach

Long Beach,
22×28 –
Original Oil on Canvas

Fine Art Giclee Prints on Canvas
28×36 – $500
Different sizes can be ordered on a Gallery Wrap Canvas or a Thin stretcher bar to accomodate framing.

Our family has always been fascinated with the rugged coast of Western Canada. We have visited Tofino, Vancouver Island, many times, usually in the summer when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. This painting is a result of a winter trip to Tofino…where the winter storms bring in 10 foot waves…I was inspired to paint and the original sold immediately!


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Middle of the River

middle of the river

Middle of the River,
Livingston Mountain Range
24Hx36W inches
Original Oil on Canvas – Framed

Archival Fine Art Giclee Prints. (Limited Edition) are also available (sizes below).
I would be honored to know that perhaps you will be inspired when this art hangs in your home or office. Prices quoted are in Canadian.

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Quonset and Graineries

Quonset and Graineries

18 x 24
Original Oil on Canvas – Framed

Southern Alberta seems vast, with large areas of land that produce grains, and raise cattle…. it has inspired me…I am so happy to be showcasing the Majesty of this raw and rugged area of Alberta. Enjoy!

If you get the opportunity drive the Cowboy Trail, Highway 22 from Calgary to Pincher Creek.  It is alive with history.