Prairie Storm Over Alberta


Prairie Storm over Alberta
Original Oil – Sold
12 H x 24 W inches

12×24 Gallery Wrap Fine Art Giclee  $300

When I drive home to Medicine Hat the rolling prairies are so vast… one can see the curvature of the earth and the storms rolling in!  this painting is dedicated to those wonderful storms that bring rain and life to the desert like conditions of the Southern Alberta Prairies…

Down the Valley

Down the Valley, Original Oil Painting by Marie NeysDown the Valley
12 inches high x 24 inches wide
Framed Original Oil on Canvas

Fine Art Giclee Prints Available by Request

Driving from Nanton, Alberta, to  Highway 22 is an enriching experience, the play of light, the shadows and rich colors are captivating.  This painting is from one such drive.

Over The Hill -after VanGough

Over the Hill, Oil Painting by Marie Neys

Over the Hill – after Van Gough
20Hx30W inches
Framed Original Oil on Canvas

I paint Alla Prima- in one sitting. The painting seems to flow from me onto the canvas. After creating this piece I felt very light and joyful …my painting was also light, joyful and full of movement. I encourage you to drive the Cowboy Trail (Hwy 22-Southern Alberta) and you will fully understand the joy of cresting the Hills! Archival Fine Art Giclee Prints. (Limited Edition) are also available


Quonset and Graineries

Quonset and Graineries

18 x 24
Original Oil on Canvas – Framed

Southern Alberta seems vast, with large areas of land that produce grains, and raise cattle…. it has inspired me…I am so happy to be showcasing the Majesty of this raw and rugged area of Alberta. Enjoy!

If you get the opportunity drive the Cowboy Trail, Highway 22 from Calgary to Pincher Creek.  It is alive with history.