Prairie Storm
Original Oil – Sold
12 H x 24 W inches
Framed Fine Art Giclee Print on Canvas   $350
12×24 Gallery Wrap Fine Art Giclee (unframed)  $250

When I drive home to Medicine Hat the rolling prairies are so vast… one can see the curvature of the earth and the storms rolling in!  this painting is dedicated to those wonderful storms that bring rain and life to the desert like conditions of the Southern Alberta Prairies…

Broken Islands 2, British Columbia



Broken Islands-2 Broken Islands 2, BC
24″x 36″
Oil on Canvas, Gallery Wrap


My family visits Tofino, British Columbia every May.  On this trip we ventured out for a day cruise on the water.  Sunny, warm and spectacular.  Many people say they see Maligne Lake in this painting… perhaps my roots are showing… as I grew up in Alberta.  Enjoy!

Broken Islands 1


Brokenislands-1 Broken Islands, BC
24″x 36″
Oil on Canvas, Gallery Wrap


One of my favourite things to do, when travelling is to go out on the water.  I love seeing the land from that vantage point.  In this instance the boulders seemed to rush out to meet the sea.  The scale of the rocks was monumental as well.  To put it in perspective the trees are 30 feet tall.  I hope you enjoy this painting and the geological story it tells.