Sunset in Venice by Claude Monet(In Person),  Thurs, March 9 & 16, 930 - 1130 am

Sunset in Venice by Claude Monet(In Person), Thurs, March 9 & 16, 930 - 1130 am

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San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk is an oil painting by Claude Monet that was painted in 1908. The painting is owned by National Museum Cardiff, the national art gallery of Wales.

Class Date: Thurs, March 9 & 16, 9:30 - 11:30 am

Class Fee: $50 

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas

Class Level: no experience necessary 

Class Supplies: all regular supplies plus an 11 x 14 canvas or other surface.  Or use Marie's Supplies ($35)  Canvas sold Separately.

The original painting is oil on canvas and the dimension is 65.2cm x 92.4cm (25.7 in x 36.4 in).

Regular Supplies include
Canvas (or other surface) to paint on
Brushes (assorted including flats, filberts, rounds, fans, etc) Synthetic and or hog bristle
Wet Palette
Acrylic Paints including White, Payne's Grey, Primary Yellow/Red/Blue, Earth tones including Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Yellow Ochre, etc.  but with our 3 primaries we can mix most of what we need.
paper towel, que tips, note book for writing notes, pencil, eraser (kneaded), masking tape, tracing paper, graphite paper, Brush Basin, Stylus etc. 

The term impression signifies the sensory information registered on the retina prior to any recognition of the object. For example, the eye sees tiny black spots before it recognizes them as faraway pedestrians. When you go out to paint, try to forget what objects you have before you, a tree, a house, a field or whatever Monet explained to a neighbor in Giverny, merely think here is a little square of blue, here an oblong of pink, here a streak of yellow, and paint it just as it looks to you, the exact color and shape, until it gives you your own naïve impression of the scene before you.